Lines Chisels & Brayers

Finger Hammer (recommended for Hand Plane adjustment)

110 USD / In stock.
 This hammer is intended to be used as a plane adjusting hammer. You can use it for detail work and small nails.
(This kind of use will result in small marks on the face. If you choose to do so that’s ok, just letting you know.)

 Small imperfections in the castings are to be expected and are part of the aesthetic.
Each head is cast off one of my fingers and filed to be internally tapered. The handles are hand shaped and fitted to each head individually. This is done in the traditional Japanese wedge-less handling. The handle is compressed to fit in the internal taper of the head. The handle is slowly and progressively driven to seat in the internal taper. The handle is then oiled, expanding the compressed wood.

 The bronze is cleaned up but left with a natural patina. I believe that time makes the tools we use more beautiful than we can. So use it well, let it age, and let it hold years of stories and become something more than it was when you got it.